August 16, 2017

Nobody Speak

Graphics Package

Luminant Media’s most recent documentary, Nobody Speak, follows the 2016 trial between Hulk Hogan and Gawker which would effectively define freedom of speech in the media. When they came to us, we were entrusted with creating a look that brought the real-life drama and energy surrounding the high-profile lawsuit into a digital space.

Chapter Heading Design by Steve Fuller

After some research, we got to know the details of the case and cases alike. We dug right into design and came up with three concepts. After just one round, we had the story we wanted to tell and jumped right into animation.

While the open tells the story in a streamlined way, we wanted to build each graphic card to stand-out. We were presented with the top characters to feature, and placed them in a dark space. Pulling from the base tones of the Gawker logo, we applied a louder color treatment to our main characters, while sometimes playing with color channel separation to make them really pop.

Open Design by Steve Fuller
Open Animation by Diksha Watwani & Annalise Murphy

Since media outlets thrive in the digital age, we decided to have the type write on in a journalistic “record-keeping” animation style. We also used elements from our own craft by using bounding boxes to bring information in and out of the scenes.

We top off the moments with a computer screen texture, and intermingle newspaper headlines to marry the print and digital worlds of media, creating an overarching tone of “public-eye” exposure.

Chapter card animation by Annalise Murphy

Our chapter cards mimicked the style created for the open, and we carried our bounding box idea across the board, implementing the animation to the location IDs and lower thirds.

A big thanks again to the intrepid Luminant team. We can’t wait to see what they do next.



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