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SYFY’s highly anticipated new series, Krypton, follows the journey of Superman’s grandfather in the fight to save his home planet. By rendering our CG tease fully in Octane, we were able to develop a world that could marry various textures together with the fluidity of blood, the spark of fire, and the rigid materials of rock and steel.
See the case study HERE.

As our collaboration with SYFY progressed, they decided to continue expanding the brand with us. We completed the package with six :15sec character spots that would give exclusive insight into the world of Krypton.

We also built on the buzz around the show by creating unique “quote spots” that would incorporate production shots with various press quotes. This created a distinguished, integrated moment of the beautiful Krypton footage paired with the design we created here at BigStar.

Shortly after, we partnered up with SYFY again for a tease that would hint at Krypton's second season. With a fresh workflow, we brought new life to the familiar logo.

Krypton Season 2 Tease

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