Taco Bell: Web of Fries

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As a great kick off to our year, our creative partner, Rob Grobengieser, brought us a project full of flavor with a side of nacho cheese sauce. Together, we worked with Viacom Velocity to create four unique “teaser-trailers”. Each deciphers one of the greatest conspiracies of the fast food world-- why doesn’t Taco Bell sell fries? 

To create these four spots, we combined existing footage from the Web of Fries trailer, found stock footage, and designed and animated glitch effects to announce the salty fry release on MTV, Paramount Networks, VH1, and Comedy Central. Once all of the effects and footage were edited together, we recorded the VO and took it to final mix. A big thanks to Rob G, Viacom, and Taco Bell for getting us caught in the Web of Fries!

See the case study HERE.

Taco Bell: Web of Fries - Comedy Central
Taco Bell: Web of Fries - MTV
Taco Bell: Web of Fries - VH1

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