October 14, 2022

Volume 50



Explore BGSTR'S work on Welcome to Wrexham with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny and the Walking Dead's Final Goodbye.

Volume 50

you know this bloke, right?

Welcome to Wrexham

The boys are back in town in FX’s Welcome to Wrexham— a docuseries following actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as they navigate running the third oldest football club in the world.

Welcome to Wrexham

The promo package we designed for this series brings a cheeky tone to the graphics as they introduce concepts and information to viewers. We took assets from Wrexham’s Red Dragons football team and the Welsh flag and deconstructed it to create our design structure.

Design & Type Exploration

As our design expanded, the dragons became the main characters of the package. We used a combination of traditional motion graphics and cel animation to give the dragons their own personality and traits, and then we used those characteristics in a number of different ways— heading the ball, blowing fire at the ball, tailing the ball, and more.

Cel Process Renders

We worked quickly and enjoyed ourselves, delivering a promo package to our client in all aspect ratios. In the package were graphic pieces they could use for their entire campaign plus IDs, backgrounds, YouTube end pages, viewer advisories, countdown clocks, transitions and more.

Drinking Dragons!

In addition to the promo package, we designed a :90 second tease introducing viewers to Rob, Ryan, and the story of how they ended up buying a 5th tier football team in Wales. We take viewers on that entire journey graphically, telling a story while hinting toward our graphics package and keeping the tone appropriately lighthearted.

Initial Design Exploration

Our key concept here was to have everything feel in-camera. Using the audio edit from FX as our roadmap, we injected a bunch of in-world elements- beer and peanuts, fingerprints on the screen, some historic photos of Wrexham (including a few easter eggs), and some stop motion to ramp up the cheeky tone of the spot.

Getting the tease put together was a substantial lift, but our team, led by Ross Henderson and Casey Drogin kept to a tight clip throughout the project. Working with FX is always a pleasure and a series featuring these amazing comedic personalities was bound to be entertaining. We’ve loved seeing the positive reception of the show and seeing our work being shared on social media, including by Rob and Ryan themselves.

end of the road

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

For the final season of the main series, we designed a full 60-second campaign in the illustrative style that the series is known for. Our team had a great time putting this one together because of our relationship with the series and getting the tone right for its conclusion.

Design and Color Exploration

The promo resonated with our clients and they asked us to put together a second spot to showcase the series' main characters. The premise of this edit is to feature the characters that you’ve followed for all these years one last time and compel viewers to tune into the last season.

We’ve been thrilled to be a part of this interesting and iconic series and its spinoffs for so much of the show’s time on air. Thanks to our partners at AMC and congratulations on this last season!