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AEW Dynamite



AEW's back in the ring, battling it out for gold and glory Wednesdays on TBS. BGSTR reunited with the TBS/All Elite Wrestling team to design ‘Dynamite’, a rowdy promo package for the newest season, highlighting the biggest and baddest wrestlers on the roster such as Adam Copeland, The CEO Mercedes Mone, Jon Moxley and more. We had a blast incorporating semi-biographical elements of featured wrestlers into the action-packed promo while also showcasing the excitement that goes down in the ring at an AEW experience.

AEW Dynamite

Promo Package

Promo Package

To get the right feel for the spots, we tried out a few different directions in our design exploration based on the information we’d received from the client. We were looking for something bold but that presented cool in an alternative way— much like the AEW league itself.

Design Exploration
Additional Design Exploration
Motion Tests

After testing out a variety of treatments, we landed on a concept that tapped into the neon glow that captured the vibe we were after and then brought it to life with motion. We created a system of framing for the typography so that it could both deliver a message and introduce the wrestlers either in the ring or with the biographical elements the promo was sharing.

Final Designs

Using the neon palette we created with the ‘Dynamite’ essence in mind, we developed a set of moving backgrounds to act as containers for the blocks of messaging in the promos as well as the logos for the show and network. These backgrounds also work with the AEW brand typography as well.


We developed a bold, high-contrast treatment for imagery of the wrestlers. The toughness of the wrestlers was accentuated by the bright treatment, especially when it is laid over the moving background system.

Our clients were so pleased with the package, they decided to task us with doing their keyart for the project.

Design Exploration and Final

Congrats to our friends at TBS for putting out another Dynamite season of All Elite Wrestling and thanks for letting us be a part!

Props where props are due


AEW Dynamite
  • Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Animation Director
    Casey Drogin
  • Animation
    Elijah Ben
  • Design
    Riley Carson, Carol Cai, Steve Fuller, Mario de Toledo Sader