bringing the heat

BGSTR Sports Reel



Punt, pitch, catch, surf, climb, soar—nothing brings people together like uniting to watch their favorite sports event. At BGSTR, we’ve been harnessing that competitive energy and infusing it into the graphics we design across the spectrum of athletics for almost twenty years. Whether we’re weaving highly technical graphics into a nonfiction storyline or packing a punch with 3D in explosive franchise promos, our goal is to elevate every narrative we touch.

At its core, sports is about authenticity in competition, and BGSTR strives to creatively challenge the status quo for expectations around sports design while remaining true to each project’s spirit. This reel, a compilation of some recent BGSTR sports design and some classics, shows that when artistry and authenticity are aligned the sky's the limit for creativity across the ever-expanding sports landscape.

BGSTR Sports Reel