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Leguizamo Does America



We designed the series graphics for MSNBC Films’ “Leguizamo Does America,” a new six-part series from NBC News Studios. In the series, host John Leguizamo travels across the country to celebrate the rich and diverse Latino cultures in six different destinations, exploring food, politics, music, and everything in between along the way. ⁠

Leguizamo Does America

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Leguizamo Does America

Our partners at MSNBC really wanted to nail the title sequence for the series and find the perfect blend of celebration and sophistication to showcase our prolific host. Leguizamo’s vibe influenced the tone of the graphics heavily, and he made it easy to play off his natural charisma and enthusiasm for the series’ subject matter—the richness and diversity of Latino culture.

Leguizamo Does America

Our design is inspired by the celebratory tone of the series where host John Leguizamo road trips across the country to bring viewers inside America's thriving Latino communities— all with his characteristic edge, energy and wit. ⁠

Early Design Frames

We stayed away from any played out tropes and instead focused on incorporating color and lighting to bring a specific vibrancy into our design. Throughout the title sequence, we used minor type elements and split screen cuts to find an avenue that was bold but still refined. Of course, having John Leguizamo to play off of infused charm throughout the sequence and informed the elements we designed for the rest of the series.

The six-part series, “Leguizamo Does America,” from NBC News Studios is airing now on MSNBC and streaming on Peacock. ⁠

Props where props are due


Leguizamo Does America
  • Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • EVP, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Producer
    Kristen Pritchett
  • Design + Animation
    Padraic Driscoll, Sohyun Park, Steve Fuller, Ivan Viaranchyk