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Award season is a mainstay for our friends at E!, and for their 2024 red carpet coverage 2024 ceremonies the network wanted to go all out with a fresh promo package designed to capture the glitz and glamour of the events.

Live From E!

Promo Package

Promo Package

We have a great history working with E! on previous promotional designs and knew we could nail the glamorous, textured vibe the team was looking for. Our design rounds leaned into how we could visualize the spectacle of Hollywood and also centered around E! Red Carpet host Laverne Cox as we navigated the right look and feel.

Design Exploration
Design Exploration (cont'd)

Our clients at E! wanted to find a look that celebrated the personalities that would be seen on the red carpet, energetic graphics and animation and featured Cox, now a red carpet staple since taking over hosting duties in 2021.

Final Designs

To develop the backgrounds for the edit, we explored all types of luxurious textures, sensual fabrics and items close-up. From each object, we took small elements to develop a toolkit that could span many awards ceremonies while holding a consistent theme throughout.

Texture Backgrounds

Usually, our promotions for award shows emphasize the personalities being showcased. However, with this toolkit, our clients can opt to lean into a more typographic look, should that be their preference based on the red carpet being featured. The end result is a very fluid looking edit with a lot of textures and motion revealing a red carpet worth of the stars stopping by to talk to E!

Props where props are due


Live from E!
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Animation Director
    Casey Drogin
  • Design
    Steve Fuller, Doug Chang, Riley Carson
  • 3D Design
    Conner O'Brien, Leo Bai
  • Animation
    Brian Landisman, Paddy Driscoll