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BGSTR partnered with FOX Sports to design a trio of upbeat spots to promote the network’s 29th season of full MLB coverage.


Promo Design

Promo Design

It was great to reunite with our friends at FOX to help them realize the vision they had for the series of promotional designs they were looking for ahead of the newest season of professional baseball. We knew our design needed to encompass a broad swath of events from traditional division rivalries to a special edition game, so we immediately started conceptualizing a unique combination of promo edits.

Perhaps the most unique spot that was developed was one that was “as American as apple pie.” We took our client’s direction and played with the slices of pie and placement to find a tone that blended Americana and athletics in an upbeat tone.

Pie - Design Exploration

For the next two spots, we really wanted to add some unique looks to the edits and really steep them with some BGSTR flavor. We played around with all sorts of varieties of graphics to animate onto the MLB scenes we had to work with— big cartoon props and fun ways to frame the players— before eventually landing on the final design.

Big Deal - Design Exploration
True Story - Design Exploration

We developed a brand system for our clients to use when adding opening or endpages to any of the promo cutdowns they might need to use in the future. The bold graphics we played with highlighted the action, crowds and scenic stadiums the MLB games are played in so we wanted to find a versatile style that could work across many functions.

Open and Endpage Design Exploration - Brand System

Working with the team at FOX Sports is always a great experience, and this project was no exception. We got to infuse a lot of personality into these spots, and we had a great time riffing on ideas internally and with our clients. Ultimately, the ‘Pie’, ‘Big Deal’ and ‘True Story’ spots evolved into unique edits showcasing the range of emotions watching baseball can bring and the unifying feeling of excitement that the season is finally here.

Props where props are due


MLB 2024
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Animation Director
    Casey Drogin
  • Design
    Steve Fuller, Carol Cai, Conner O'Brien, Joshua Smith, Leo Bai, Paolo Garcia, Jake Ferguson, Kurt Huggins
  • Animation
    Brian Landisman, Joshua Smith, Paolo Garcia, Leo Bai