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Ralph Lauren: World of Tennis


Ralph Lauren

We collaborated with iconic American lifestyle brand Ralph Lauren to highlight their long-standing involvement across three major tennis tournaments: Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the US Open.

Ralph Lauren: World of Tennis

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Brand Campaign

Brand Campaign

As the official outfitter for three of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the Ralph Lauren team needed an editorial package that could sustain the extended campaign over the course of a year. Having worked with the Ralph Lauren team several times previously, our team at BGSTR couldn’t wait to take on the world of tennis and design a package that reflects the elevated tone of the brand and the elegance of the sport of tennis.

Design Exploration

We began the project focused on designing the hero campaign of the editorial package as our north star. We started with Wimbledon initially and explored design based on the history of the tournament as well as the history of the Ralph Lauren brand. To achieve the right balance within the spots, we landed on an approach that utilizes selected shots of the branded Ralph Lauren apparel, tournament shots, stock footage, and heritage RL photography. The design rounds involved various tactile treatments with the look we eventually moved forward with being a simple and refined approach reflective of the brand and the sport.

Final Frames

Once we landed on the approach, we moved into designing the spots for each tournament and animating the sequences together. This part ended up being very collaborative with our Ralph Lauren clients and was a lot of fun for the BGSTR team— getting to host edit sessions in the office and refining the design together until we got the look just right. To achieve our final look, we incorporated some VFX elements to finish out the spots and match their style, for instance enhancing crowd shots to reflect the tournament’s energy.

The designs vary slightly based on the tone of the tournament and the lore around the history of each Grand Slam— iconically British for Wimbledon, New York hustle for the US Open and equality for the Australian Open. We worked diligently to find the right moments within the footage to use and the process also involved a lot of back and forth with the Ralph Lauren licensing team for approval. Justin Nixon, BGSTR’s Sr. VFX specialist, handled the bulk of our editorial process, carrying the design through the many moving parts required to assemble and achieve the effortless look of the final spots.


We designed the hero anthem for each campaign and then trimmed and edited spots from there to create cut-downs to be used across social as well as in-store, depending on the tournament.

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US Open Eyewear

US Open Eyewear

Ralph Lauren extended their apparel partnership with the US Open this year as the official eyewear sponsor of the tournament. The brand partnered with Sunglasses Hut and Lenscrafters to offer both optical and sunglasses eyewear branded for the tournament. We designed editorial spots for both the optical and sunglasses offering from the partnership, carrying through the design from the overall brand campaign.

The result is an overarching brand campaign that perfectly blends the ethos of the iconic Ralph Lauren brand with the energy and elegance of the sport of tennis and three of its most iconic Grand Slam tournaments.

Combining gorgeous footage with a gorgeous cast wearing gorgeous kits in gorgeous places to a gorgeous soundtrack. I love tennis and style that lasts so working with the RL creative team on this campaign was a dream. Thanks RL for letting us get in on the fun!
Josh NortonExecutive Creative Director

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Ralph Lauren Tennis Campaign Credits
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Creative Director, Designer
    Ross Henderson
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Producer
    Paulina Casey
  • Animation Director
    Casey Drogin
  • Lead Editor, VFX
    Justin Nixon
  • Animation
    Carl Dempsey