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The Masked Singer S10



For the tenth season of the hit Fox network series ‘The Masked Singer’, the creators wanted to go all out to celebrate the milestone, starting with a fresh design for its promotional package.

The Masked Singer S10

Promo Package

Promo Package

BGSTR pitched five different looks based around the show’s established color scheme, taking into account the insights from our partners around what they do and don’t like. Our designs leaned into the letter X as the anchor for our design instead of the mask that had historically held that role in promoting the show.

Pitch Frames
Additional Pitch Frames

The new season’s masks were our design inspiration and we pulled out the textures from the costumes to create a growth system for each variety. Grass, cookie, fur, sequins, you name it and we pulled that texture directly from the costume to create a robust library of textures.

Final Frames

We created a toolkit for all of these textures for our client to utilize when developing the promos. Internally, our client had very strong 3D capabilities allowing us to deliver a really fun and interesting toolkit. We delivered a Cinema4D toolkit for typography and other elements that came together for a really layered and functional package.

Interstitial and Endpage Playblasts

Another element that came out in our design was the geometric style the show’s creators wanted to incorporate, elevated with the BGSTR touch. We created a geometric liquid system with pulsing liquid shapes that originate from the center of the design to be incorporated into the scenes.

Geometric Ripples

Senior 2D / 3D Animator Brian Landisman developed the foundation of our look in the pitch phase, and he did a ton of work putting together the design for the promotional package. The exciting and crazy promos that the show had been known for got an exciting new look that would keep up with the energy of the show.


We had a great time designing this package that consisted of interstitials, end pages, backgrounds they could use built into the toolkit. We also built out the different formats for social sizing in the toolkit for easy conversion. Congrats to our partners on another great season, we’ll be tuning into the unmaskings along with the rest of the country Sundays on Fox.

Props where props are due


The Masked Singer
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • EVP / Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Lead Design & Animation
    Brian Landisman
  • Design & Animation
    Conner O'Brien
  • Additional Concept Design
    Carl Dempsey, Leo Bai