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Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence


Category 6, A&E

“Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence” is a new series from A+E that reveals how technology has become the new frontier in solving homicides, and BigStar used motion graphics to design the surprising ways that this digital evidence can be the critical clue in murder investigations.

Witness to Murder: Digital Evidence

Series Design and Main Title

Series Design and Main Title

We designed a full show package for the 10-episode series including the main title sequence, infographics and maps to tell the story of the digital evidence used in these cases. Our design exploration helped us find a direction for the graphics that matched with what our partners at A+E were wanting to set the tone for the series— informative, clean and modern.

Initial Design Exploration

One element we dialed in extensively is the digital breadcrumbs - which we designed to come off of pieces of evidence like particle dust, that would then collect as part of the murder map - culminating the episode's story.

Initial Design Exploration - Breadcrumbs to Evidence

We designed the graphic particles in After Effects, taking care to ensure that they didn’t feel too glittery and matched the tone of the storyline and the serious topics being discussed. After several iterations, we landed on a style that worked with the rest of the show’s elements and could seamlessly lead into the murder maps.


Once we’d settled on the style of breadcrumb particle, we got to work developing the design for the murder maps— another central part of each episode. As each particle of evidence leaves its technology of origin, it transforms into a thumbnail and lands on the murder map.

Murder Maps - Final Animations
Final Animations - Maps
Main Title Design Exploration

Designing the flow from particle to murder map helped us develop the concept for the title sequence. Basing the look of the title sequence around the maps made sense in keeping with the throughline of the show— small pieces of evidence and thumbnails to create the bigger digital picture.

Overall this series required its fair share of collaboration with our clients at A+E, due to introducing a new style of graphics to convey this information within the show and also the sensitive nature of the plot. Together, we were able to define a style that perfectly encapsulates the effects that technology can have on a criminal investigation through our graphics.

Props where props are due


Witness to Murder
  • Founder, Executive Creative Director
    Josh Norton
  • Executive Vice President, Executive Producer
    Carson Hood
  • Vice President, Head of Production
    Virgil Conklin
  • Art Director
    Paddy Driscoll
  • Sr. Producer
    Kristen Pritchett
  • Design
    Paddy Driscoll, Riley Carson
  • Animation
    Liu Chia-Lung, Brian Landisman, Justin Nixon, Carl Dempsey